All-Conquering Married Love

In all the strains of music and the mind,
The arch of fate is never far from me,
Where you and I together ever bind
All need of spirit and of ecstasy.

O carry worldliness to heav’n above!
So cast my will, and all I am, to you,
Declared in ways that only speak of love
Aplenty yet, but deem it one in two.

Here lie the promises of hope untam’d,
Forever wild in early purity –
A kindness now by earthly deeds unmaim’d.
Mankind we are and all our destiny.

Find comfort of the soul, the sweetest sound:
Our joys, forever fresh and true, abound.

Duet: Florestan and Leonora

Oh joy oh rapture past expressing!
My love again this bosom pressing!
Throbs this bursting heart!
The world is bright to me
We no more, sweet love, will part
My soul but lives in thee!

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