Fidelio. Fulfilled Hope in Freedom

Memory of freedoms lost in wild war –
All absent in the cold of love denied.
So gently in this fragile peace restore
An ecstasy methought forever died!

Devoted wife, who ev’ry pain o’ercame
Those heavy shackles from my limbs to loose
Here bless my aspect with your loyal frame
Destroy the unjust scaffold and the noose!

Let mankind now upon this very day –
When liberty, above all evil, gains
One love, one hope – eternally display
A blessed harmony, for heaven reigns.

Draw closer to our Lord of Heav’n and Earth:
Our cares he shoulders by his sacred birth.

Thanks, thanks, and all hail!
To him who comes our chains to sunder.
Justice comes, at length, to give us
Long-lost liberty!

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